Seeds is a Non Profit Organization based in Switzerland, with presence in Spain and France. We've been operating since 2013 in various developing countries and areas ranging from social enterprises to health and certain environmental issues, but always through micro-finance solutions. We provide both financial support and technical assistance. We accompany the projects until they've reached complete autonomy. 

Would you like to invest your free time helping people in developing countries improve their quality of life?

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We need you! Please donate today! The funds raised go directly to projects that aim at improving the quality of life of people with great potential, but also with great needs. Seeds commits to reduce its administrative costs to the strict minimum, never more than 10% of the donation.​

Seeds aims at improving the living conditions and prospects of families living below the poverty line by enabling access to financial resources and capacity building to village women.​


Through the formation of community-managed Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLA), women are taught to save and lend money to each other at an agreed-upon interest rate, in order to enable them to develop income-generating activities.

Rural Uganda

Our beneficiaries are from the rural Eastern parts of Uganda, mainly composed of small farmers.