School Construction in Cambodia

Intervention area: Education

Project: School construction in Cambodia.

Situation: The primary schools of the remote villages in the northwestern region of Cambodia are missing the resources needed for children’s basic education. Their remote location prevents them from getting any governmental help. The education is key for the development of future generations.


Needs: These schools need better infrastructures, school materials and dedicated teachers.




Microcredits for entrepreneurs in Benin

Intervention area: Microfinance

Project: Microcredits for entrepreneurs in Benin.


Context: The groups of women from the rural areas of Benin are missing the resources needed for the implementation of small income-generating businesses which would enable them to improve the life-conditions of their families and in some cases allow them to exit the poverty threshold.


Needs: These women need to have access to financial resources, receive financial consulting in the efficient use of these resources and a close follow up of their progress.