School construction in Cambodia



Intervention area: Education


Situation: The primary schools of the remote villages in the northwestern region of Cambodia are missing the resources needed for children’s basic education. Their remote location prevents them from getting any governmental help. The education is key for the development of future generations.


Needs: These schools need better infrastructures, school materials and dedicated teachers


Goal: Support one school in its development so that it can qualify for government support in the future and become autonomous


Support from Seeds: the provision of the financial resources needed for the improvement of the school teaching quality



First contribution from Seeds: EUR 13’405 for the construction of a school and its education running costs for 2014 (approx. 100 children)



Our contribution:

In the line of our sustainability goals we will support our partner in the construction and reparation of some parts of one school located in Colstew, in the western part of the region. The current building of this school is only provisional. It was built by the villagers with low-quality materials and cannot be used during days of heavy rain (muddy floor). Construction works will start in December, as soon as the rainy season ends. The construction materials will be provided to the villagers and they will construct the school. Being aware of the important funding needs of this education program for 2014, Seeds has decided to support the education costs of the repaired school for one year




100 children will benefit from better access to education; the school will be built with stronger and resistant materials; the floor will be cemented. The school will be protected against floods. The school will be equipped with modern sanitary infrastructures