NEW Foundation, Uganda

In the year of 2006, a community of 30 women in Ndiiba Village, Bukise Sub-county, District of Sironko, started a self-help group registered as a District CBO (Community Based Organisation).


In 2012, the group that held a savings account in a Commercial bank, transform-ed into a Village/Community Savings and Loans Association (VSLA). This VSLA was created to inspire women to develop a savings culture and for them be able to save and borrow at an interest rate which in turn grows the capital base of the group.

The frank success of this newly implemented model attracted the partnership with Seeds to support its extension through various projects and various villages and Sub-couties.

Mustad, Switzerland

Based in Swtizerland, Mustad is one of our most active contributors.

Through its support and efforts, Seeds has been able to have a postive impact on its beneficiaries in Uganda, Cambodia and Benin. 


Founded in 2016, The Uganda School Project set out to support educational development in Uganda with the aim of providing proper infrastructure to allow the community to prosper self-sufficiently. 

After the creation of two classrooms in the village of Makeyna, District of Namisindwa, in the Eastern Region, TUSP continued its support to the school and extended its programmes to various other areas of Makenya's social and economical life. 

In 2017, they wished to helped their community to set a few VSLA groups within the Village and contacted Seeds.

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UAOWF, Uganda

United African Orphans and Widows Foundation (UAOWF) is a non-profit and non- denominational voluntary organisation operating in Iganga, Eastern Uganda. UAOWF was established in 2004 by a group of concerned citizens who are professionals in the fields of health, community development, and education. Due to the high number of HIV/AIDS orphans and widows in the region, the need for such an establishment was urgent.

Its core activities - covering HIV awareness, water & sanitation, child & women rights, Income Generating Activities (IGA) and education issues - are all aligned with their mission to achieve lasting improvement in the quality of orphans, widows and vulnerable children. As such, they identify needy orphans and sponsor them in school both primary and secondary. UAOWF has several partnership schools where the children who are given scholarships are placed, with specific agreements on time installments for the school feels and dedicated integration approach for the orphans. 

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BuDiFa, Uganda

In January 2014, few concerned District members formed two institutions : « Bududa District Farmers Association » (BuDiFA), an apex body of farmers and farmer groups, and ‘’Bududa District Savings and Credit Cooperative Society (Model SACCO) ‘’ with the vision of uniting, consolidating and empowering economically active people in the district for transformation and poverty alleviation. 

Since, BuDiFA is trying to mobilize the District's population around their Farmer Association project. Due to their lack of financial capital, most of their projects had only remained confined within agriculture and business counseling. The creation of saving groups amongst their members will help them mobilise financial ressources for the development of their own projects, including the future creation of a credit cooperative, their end goal.