Seeds’ first volunteer: Clement Gless went to Cambodia. Thanks for your help!

“I spent a week in the project that Seeds is supporting next to the city of Battambang in Cambodia where I was welcomed by the Spanish and Cambodian volunteers of the Apostolic Prefecture of the region which are implementing the project.

There, I had the opportunity to meet and live with the children and teachers of the school that Seeds, thanks to the team in place, is helping. It was impressive to see the joy with which the children live despite the destruction and misery that surrounds them. During my stay I distributed school material, uniforms and was able to talk to the teachers which were very enthusiastic about the planned construction works.

I would certainly recommend this experience to everyone, and hopefully I will be able to repeat it one day. If you are considering going to the field, go for it! You won’t regret it.”

Clement Gless, Dec. 2013

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