Organization of Seeds first charitable event: come!

Wednesday, June 25th at 7:30 p.m

At the Olympic Museum in Lausanne

  • The cocktail party held in the lounge and terrace of the Olympic Museum, while enjoying its breathtaking view of the lake

  • Private concert of the singer H. Murray of “The Voice”

  • Intervention of the microfinance specialist Prof .Paul Dembinski, from the Observatoire de la Finance de Genève

Make your reservation before June 20th!

Minimum price 100 CHF.

Bank transfer (thank you beforehand for provide your email address when entering the information needed): Seeds; Credit Suisse, Lausanne, IBAN: CH27 0483 5142 2049 2100 0 Besides, there is the possibility to make the payment by debit card/credit card through Paypal, clicking on this link. We encourage you to make the bank transfer to avoid Paypal’s famous commission around 3%.

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