Thanks to the first Seeds’ interns!

Janire, Gabriela and Silvia tell us about the motivations and first impressions of their internship at Seeds. Thank you for your great collaboration!

Janire, 20 years old, student of Business Administration at Deusto Business School, Bilbao.

“I’ve always liked very much the idea of working for a nonprofit company. That’s why when I was given the opportunity of practicing in Seeds I realized that the time for an experience in an ONG had come and that I had finally the possibility of doing something very meaningful for me and for the people I could have helped.

Without any doubt, the thing that impressed me more from Seeds was the transparency and the attempt of being very close to the people to communicate Seeds’ commitment and engagement in the society. I believe I’m learning so much as a person and this is incomparable with internships in even prestigious and multinational companies that cannot offer the satisfaction of helping someone, borrowing a little of your time working for something that can really improve you as a person.”

Gabriela, 20 years old, student of Business Administration at Deusto Business School, Bilbao.

“It was not long ago when I bumped into the world of microfinance, which captured my attention since day one. Thanks to the internship in Seeds NGO I am finally getting to understand the fundamental role they play: microfinance allows those unable to access funding through the usual channels to start their own small income-generating businesses. This is the role of Seeds NGO in Benin and Uganda’s rural areas, helping communities exit the poverty threshold; some even save enough to go back to school! This potential is what attracted me so much.

Moreover, Seeds NGO went live last year, hence; I feel my contribution could be more significant. At the end of this month I will fly to Uganda where I will spend the month of July. I hope to make the most of my stay by collaborating in the definition of the next project: a tailoring workshop for 70 women.”

Silvia, 21 years old, student of Business Administration at Deusto Business School, Bilbao.

“I have always been interested in volunteering and ONGs and therefore I was very attracted from the opportunity of working, practicing with Seeds while having the possibility to know, from the inside, how a ONG works. In particular, what I like the most in Seeds is the possibility, that it is given to who is willing to help and support the organization, besides making “classical” donations, to arrange your own event or to join some ongoing volunteering projects.

Finally, Seeds is teaching me a lot regarding on Marketing and Communication issues, on how funding campaigns works and on how to plan events and projects.”

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