Thank you from Benin!

Here are the latest news from Benin:

Thank you on behalf of the microfinace operator CAIES for the impact that your support is having on the life of the beneficiaries. We are helping change the life of more and more families! Thanks to Seeds there are:

415 Microcredits granted

1260 People who have benefited

The main income generating activities carried out were the following:

62% Food and agriculture

26% Resale

6% Soap manufacturing

6% Crafts

Here is the impact study carried out by our volunteers Antoine Troalen and Jean Eden Domingo on July 2014:

“92% of the micro-credit beneficiaries claim to have achieved an improvement of the living conditions of their family, in terms of health, food and clothing for their children.”

“35% of the beneficiaries say they can now send their children to school”

“CAIES and micro-credits have thus this essential function: to reduce hopelessness, opening up the field of possibilities by allowing beneficiaries to carry out a project that, until now, would have been unattainable."

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