Seeds’ event in Madrid: a big success!

Seeds’ first event in Madrid the night before the departure of the Panda Raid was a big success!

The cocktail, which took place at the restaurant Doña Tecla, was attended by more than 100 people. The evening was punctuated by a presentation of Seeds’ work, a picture exhibition by photographer Gabriel Galindez and the sale of Seeds’ T-shirts designed by Ernesto Artillo (here is the link to his Facebook page). Most of the guests stayed until 3am and we all enjoyed it a lot! Here you can look at the rest of the pictures of that amazing night!

Thank you to all who contributed to the preparation of this event and a big thank you especially to Ricardo and Juan, the drivers of Seeds’ car, for this opportunity!

Thanks to this event, we raised funds to support our exciting project in Uganda. Thank you everyone for coming!

#Event #Madrid #Fundraising

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