June’s testimony of her visit to Uganda

June is responsible for Seeds’ HR department in Spain and visited Uganda at the beginning of April to learn more about Seeds’ projects there. Here is her testimony and a short video of her arrival:

“My name is June and since November I am Head of HR in Spain for Seeds. Few weeks ago I visited our project in Uganda for 10 days and there I experienced first-hand the projects that we are building with our time, efforts and above all, dreams. Uganda is a wonderful country with a bright and colourful nature and its people are friendly and quiet. They welcomed me warmly and soon I felt at home.

During my stay, I enjoyed the essence of life, shared knowledge and feelings, benefited from a kind and honest culture, and opened my mind to look at other ways of interpreting the world. Unfortunately, there is also an increasingly pressing need to fight against inequality. We are very “lucky” to be born in the West, but this does not relieve us of the responsibility to protect the rights of our world colleagues. We must not look away from the problems that concern more than 50% of the world population focusing on the “Comfort” of our life of abundance. Uganda and its people have much to teach us.

Seeds enables social development of african women (facing the most disadvantages of the whole poverty) that need to cover their basic needs. Seeds offers them the opportunity to transform their lives by showing them alternatives. Seeds volunteering accompanies them on the path to fight for a dignified life. We seek volunteers that are wishing to participate in social change and are willing to give their time and energy to share experiences, sentiments and moments.”

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