Seeds’ first fundraising event in Geneva

We are excited about Seeds’ first fundraising event in Geneva! We will hold it on December 9th, from 19.30h at the Restaurant du Parc de Bastions. We will be able to enjoy the music of Murray Hockridge from “The Voice” and watch a short video on Seeds’ project in Uganda.

Make your reservation before November 27th! Entrance fee: CHF 100, Students CHF 75. We will send you an email confirming your reservation.

Bank transfer (thank you beforehand for providing your email address when entering the information needed): Seeds; Credit Suisse, Lausanne, IBAN: CH27 0483 5142 2049 2100 0.

Also, there is the possibility of making the payment by debit card/credit card through Paypal, clicking on this link. We encourage you to make the bank transfer to avoid Paypal’s commission of around 3%.

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