Launching a new VSLA programme With The Uganda School Project

The men's saving group receiving additional training

Taking pride and strength in the success of our partnership with NEW Fondation in the creation of 130 Village Savings and Loans Association groups, today Seeds desires to apply the same winning recipe in the neighboring Namisindwa District, still in Eastern Uganda. By giving prime importance to integrate the communities we work with, this new programme has led us to start working hand in hand with The Uganda School Project. TUSP is a community-based organisation implicated for many years in various projects within the District, from education to health issues, and now to microfinance solutions!

The goal is to follow the same rigorous approach applied in the past and necessary to any microfinance project. With this in mind, Seeds and TUSP created their two first VSLA groups, one solely composed of women, the other one of men.

We now believe that the next 12 months will be the starting point for the creation of even many more groups in the region.

Visit for more info on both our projects.

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