This Christmas, donate the seed of hope

Dear all,

Seeds’ team is working hard to launch several new projects in Uganda and be able to help additional 2’000 women and their children currently living below the poverty line.

Help us reach our target of 3’500 EUR by supporting our Christmas Campaign – watch more about Aitah’s experience, a living example of those you’ll be supporting, in this video!

Make your donation through bank transfer or with your credit/debit card as per the details below.

Thanks a million and happy Christmas!

Seeds team


Make your donation through bank transfer:

Crédit Suisse Lausanne (CHF): CH27 0483 5142 2049 2100 0

Crédit Suisse Lausanne (EUR): CH90 0483 5142 2049 2200 0

If you are French or Spanish resident you can directly donate here:

FRANCE: FR76 3000 4009 7200 0100 7028 125

SPAIN: ES37 3008 0264 6628 8826 5820

Or use your credit card through this link using Paypal (although using Paypal reduces the donation we receive by 3% as Paypal commission).

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