A mutual exchange (volunteering testimony)

Eduardo and Gabriel arrived in Uganda 2 weeks ago to support Seeds' projects in the Sironko District.

"Thought the years, SEEDS has created more than 135 group savings in villages on rural areas, this group savings has taught them extremely important concepts like saving and team work. Now we are in charge of joining these groups into one Multi-purpose Credit Cooperative."

"We have visited different rural villages and they are extremely excited and happy to have us there, we are they honor guests. Everywhere we go we are welcome. These people are eager to learn, they demand our help, our knowledge to start new projects or improve their actual system. These villages have a huge potential if they work together and are correctly guided and managed."

In order to be at the core of the action, they've been living deep in the village, with Mr. Felix Gibu's family. Felix is the father and husband of the women who have made NEW Foundation - Seeds' historical partner in Uganda - a successful social and economic story. With their self-determination, this community based organisation has now moved beyond Seeds' projects and is operating its own clean energy projects in the villages. A glimpse of the amazing individualities you can encounter in those remote parts of the country.

"People here are amazing. They live a much more slow paced life with much less concerns, stress and problems even though they have very little resources and savings. Their happiness is contagious and their African dancing vibes even more. At the end of the day I realize that I am learning more from them than them of me"

Gabriel and Eduardo will keep supporting Seeds in Uganda until April.

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