Self-confidence is the key to success (Volunteering Testimony)

Paula recently arrived all the way from Spain to Uganda in order to support Seeds' women tailoring center grow to its full potential.

"It is not my first experience in Africa but every time I visit a new country I am surprised and excited.

When I started my experience as a volunteer I didn’t know where I wanted to focus but it did not take me long to realize that women are driver for change and a way to make sure that the money generated reaches the whole family."

Apart from applying her business experience to Seeds' everyday wish to improve all its projects and impacts, she will be mainly focusing on a one of its specific project.

"My main goal here will be to give a new boost to the tailoring center and for women to see it as a long-term business. After having met with them I realize that the family burdens they have are very large and can be an obstacle for the development of new projects, but they show great enthusiasm and commitment to move forward. Many times we consider the most important the knowledge that they must have, but equally or more important it is to make these women see that they can do it."

Before summarizing it with some

wise words, "self-confidence is the key to success."

Paula will be in Uganda to support Seeds until end of May.

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