Tailoring Business in Uganda


Intervention area: Tailoring business


Project: Income Generating Activity – Tailoring business for entrepreneur women of Ndiiba, Eastern Uganda.


Context: Microfinance groups have been started in the Sironko District in Eastern Uganda, one of the poorest rural areas in the country. These groups are organized in a Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA), a model that enabled the women to save and lend to each other at an agreed-upon interest rate. The VSLA are enabling women to develop multiple income-generating activities to improve their families’ living conditions.


Needs: There were no tailoring services close to village communities in Sironko District which means villagers have to travel long distances to find fabrics and clothing.


Project objectives: Improve living conditions and prospects of families living below the poverty line by enabling village women involved in a local savings and loan association to establish a sustainable income generating activity.


Beneficiaries: 20 women living below the poverty line (earning less than $1 a day) as direct beneficiaries of the programme. With an average household of 6 children in Uganda, this extends to more than 160 indirect beneficiaries. Furthermore, the project gives the opportunity to all surrounding families to purchase the affordable quality school uniforms as well as sanitary pads for their young daughters.


Organisation: The project is managed by Seeds’ local partner, Ndiba Empowering Women (NEW) Foundation, which was founded in 2006 by 36 women of Ndiba village in the Sironko District.


Results: 20 women have developed tailoring and business management skills which, together with the equipment and tailoring centre, will enable them to generate income in a sustainable way. As a consequence, their family members have seen a clear improvement in their living conditions. Women who have been trained in the tailoring business will soon train additional beneficiaries in from now on.


Seeds support: 1) A donation for the construction of the tailoring centre and the purchase of the sewing machines and sewing materials, 2) an 18 months long tailoring training, and 3) technical support provided by Seeds volunteers.


Budget: 6200 € since 2014.