4/ DAY TO DAY in a VSLA: Time to Save

The meeting begins with 25 attendees, 9 people who have justified the reason for not coming and 6 members who will have a fine of 500 Shillings (0,12€) for not attending.


As if it were a ritual, everyone condense around the box, in a circle so that the whole group has visibility on each and everyone's actions. The process starts.

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The key keepers open the box and organise the savings baskets, the money counters check the cash remaining from last meeting, and they all start to give their savings, one after the other, according to a number randomly given to them on day 1.


This week Aida is happy, she has managed to sell the rugs she had for sale so she can buy 4 shares, which means 8,000 Shillings (2€). Sarah and Miriam, both money counters check and double-check the amount of notes and coin, then deposit them in the green basket. Peter, the book-keeper, looks at them for approval, adjusts his reading-glasses which he brought for the occasion, and records the transaction in Aida's personal book, stamping it in the most official manner, as well as in the group's book. Nothing escapes him. 

Additionally she contributes 500 Shillings to the social fund, the blue basket. If the creation of a social fund is made compulsory by Seeds and its partners, the group is free to make use of it as they wish, as long as a "solidarity aspect" is integrated. (details below)

Each member of the group follows the same process.


This week the group has managed to save 60,000 Shillings (15€) in the savings fund and 3,500 (0,8€) in the social fund. 

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