6/ DAY TO DAY in a VSLA: Until Next Week

Once again Peter writes and stamps everything. Then starts the tedious task of adding up all the figures in the group's book. Behind his glasses, he is the only one focused as conversations start sprouting up around him. Judith, the chief whip takes her responsibility very seriously and her late age makes sure everyone listens when she calls for silence. It's time for the chairperson of the group to address the members. She will read the group's money out loud. 


 "The total balance in the box is 525.500 Shillings (125€) and 1.912.000 Shillings (454€) are currently being lent. 22 loans in total.

She thanks everyone for being here, the leaders for their seriousness and the members for their commitment. A loud applause follows. In the meantime all the materials, the personal and group books, the pens and the calculator, the baskets and all other necessary materials are put back into the box before the key-keepers lock it until next week. 

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